These images were taken by customers.

“Thanks Headlight Wizard I am not very “Hands on” but your product has worked wonders on my vehicle and only took me just over an hour to do the two!”

Jay W, Boca Raton ,FL March 14th 2012

“Very impressed with Headlight Wizard, I have tried other products but yours was the easiest by far. My Mazda’s headlights were’nt too bad but I felt with the new laws I clean them up.”

Rachel S, Portsmouth NH, August 16th 2012

“Very easy to work with Headlight Wizard, I did not need power tools and am impressed with the finish. Still have lots left in the bottles too.”

Reg W, Richmond, VA  November 17th 2012

“Thank you Tom! Sorry about my blonde moment but you were REALLY helpful and I love the result. My husband was impressed as well, perhaps he will do the ironing now! I recommend Headlight Wizard to everyone.”

Maria S, Denver , CO. January 6th 2013

“It’s a very good product, Thank you”

Eric F, Syracuse, NY. January 18th 2013

” Awesome product, best headlight restoration product on the market. I found it easy to use and very impressed with the results”

Jose D, Denver, CO  February 2nd 2013

“Wonderful job restoring my headlights, customer service was great too, appreciate the help.”

D Granda, Pittsville, PA, March 13th 2013

” I was recommended Headlight Wizard by my brother in law who used it back in 2011 . I then bought your product , shame he did not tell me he had enough left to do mine as well.”

Jake R. Madison,WI, march 17th 2013